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[PH] Video showing 30 second highlight of Kazopark.

Kazopark's new look

1st October 2012 - Kazopark

Say goodbye to the old and hello to the new! Kazopark has just hit closed BETA for Version 2.0 and to celebrate we have today put the new website live to prepare you for the all new experience that is coming - Not only does this mean an awesome new site design, but it also means the return of the Kazopark Forum!

Kazopark Forum

This is a very exciting time for Kazopark as we work hard to finalise the amazing changes that we have in store for you. Here's a sneak preview of Kazopark Patch 2.0, Rise of the Phoenix:

[PH] Youtube Video - Highlighting key features.


Kazopark Version 2 is coming!

1st October 2012 - Kazopark

Behind the scenes in the Kazopark office's we have been working tirelessly towards an all new experience for our users, and that time is almost here. Introducing hundreds of new items, remodeled avatars, scaleable rooms, unique professions, real-time videos, social media interaction and so much more, the wait is almost over... The BETA has begun.

[PH] Youtube Video - Developers blog.

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Compete for the top spots!

With hundreds of unique prizes and rewards, [PH] Mutliplayer Game 1 offers you the chance to compete with other Kazopark members by queueing into the battle and coming out ontop. Each game will rewards you with Silver, win or lose, and those that come out ontop at the end of every season will be showered with rewards, fame and glory!

[PH] Mutliplayer Game 1 - Flash / PNG of the battle.